*​*​*​JFresh Africanhero - The Beast​(​⇨ dee jAy mixxx 웃 Remix​)​*​*​*

by JFresh Africanhero

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It's got a lot of feeling. I'm a real person.


Back and forth, across eight states, going back to Florida, man I hate that place, it's court ordered, got pulled over, said it smelt of funky odor, law and order. I'm always sober, I humiliated them, they did not find shit, so I'm gonna fight the ticket, it's all bull, after I'm done, I'm going to dip. I can't stand it, I got work to do, slip out, it smells like swamp, girls are tramps, all my friends are long gone, long faces, long distance, going places, crossing borders, swiping visa's, going nowhere. I'm no one. So don't call me back, I told you if you go, I'm done, got some wraps, got some herbs, jacked this beat, write some raps, on the back of your application, jobs are wack. She wants her candle lit. I'm just sitting here, waxing dabs, the fucking pack rat, I'm throwing all these stupid memories away, walking away from memory lane, I love you lies, well, I hate your lies, I miss your eyes, piqued, warped, pained, it's warm and dry, we need rain, my phone rang, so I threw it at the wall, I'm done with you all, I'm threw with all these pointless calls, stupid texts, I pass my day smoking cigarettes, cigars, driving far, going nowhere, in my car, then I crash, crush, crushed, road rash, patch me up, lookin' rough, rush, rushed, blood gushed, crying too much, she said "hush", I said "lush", I blew up, stupid drunk skizz threw up. See through. Shit's dumb! What's said was true enough. What is true love? Truly just thought about too much, too much, it's never enough, and when's enough enough? Mount Africano, I'm about to erupt. Kids are corrupt, licking battery acid, corroded tongue. Keep your head high, my pants never hung, rocked a squinty eye my entire life since I was young. My goal in death is to have tried, my mustache is sticky with reason. Here, in Colorado you can really see the seasons. Aff asks what you use to season? vegetables to flavour your meat. Nothing makes sense/cents, that's me, so I'm broke, ran out of luck, trust, faith, and hope. JFresh is hanging from a rope. Atop my throne, fuck your games, and all those other t.v. shows, titty hoes, bloody foes, listen, enjoy, or even kick some ninja flows. Every ninja knows, hoes are for vegetables. Do I look presentable, respectable, intellectual, representable? I represent me. I don't care, I really don't. Not what one of you thinks, so I'm on the brink, I got artist featuring me. Now that you hear me, I'm done. I'm going to cease to make music. I'm useless. My rhyme confuses. Confucius say, "if it's uphill, fuck it, walk the other way" Are you down? Our music shakes the ground, my milkshakes bring all the skizzes around, and damn right! That's why they always call me back, that's why they always call me Aff! They love how I make them feel had, I feel had. Thinking about all of this makes me so, so sad, so I met my demise, The Mise, we need no disguise(s) I disguised this, pain with a shit song, it's better to be pissed off, then pissed on, her, golden shower, is this my golden hour? maybe it's just my three minutes.


released July 26, 2012
JFresh Africanhero
dee jAy mixxx 웃* Remix



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JFresh Africanhero

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